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Jazz Ensembles and Combos

Your source for recordings, handout and assignments.

Jazz Listening Assignments

Jazz listening Assignments are a formative grade for all students in the jazz ensembles.  All students are to complete 7 listening assignments for each nine weeks.  You are only allowed to select recrodings from the approved list.  You can find the list below. 

Objective and procedures:

  • Submit one assignment each week.  Link to Listening Assignments

  • Select a recording to listen to.  Most of these recordings can be found on YouTube.

  • You are to select a different recording and artist each week.  Try not to repeat an artist. 

  • Go through the form and answer all of the questions.  

Jazz Listening List and Professional Jazz Musician List

Jazz recording list

Jazz musician list

Jazz Patterns Book

Treble Clef Instruments

Bass Clef Instruments

10 O'clock Listening Examples and Improv Tracks

Eb Blues Hoss FlatImprov practice track
00:00 / 03:47
Bb Blues for WoodchoppersImprov practice track
00:00 / 04:37

11 O'clock Listening Examples and Improv Tracks

02 SidewinderImprov play along
00:00 / 06:15

12 O'clock Listening Examples and Improv Tracks

Salt City Samba Solo sectionPractice play along
00:00 / 01:07

12:10 Combo Listening Examples
and Play along tracks

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