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Parents:  Welcome to the Nest!


As a new band student (and band parent), you’ll

be immersed in the camaraderie and the hard

work that goes along with the program.  If you

ask a band kid to describe the SCHS program,

you’re likely to hear “we’re a family.” For

freshmen coming in, it’s instant acceptance

into a group at high school.

As a parent, you should know what’s coming.

First, for marching band, there are two week's of

marching, playing, and getting comfortable at

the high school before the first class. Your child will be exhausted and exhilarated at the same time.

For the first semester, there are several MUST events that marching band students will attend. Football games, at least one major competition (FBA), and the first two weekends in December are reserved for luminary sales. Please make sure you mark your home calendars with these very important dates.

You should also know your students are in good hands. Every spring, just before the end of the school, the band directors conduct “Officer Training School.” Any student who wants to take a lead role the following the school year must attend. One line from the Officer Training Manual says it best: Becoming The Leader Others Want To Follow. And that’s what students learn. How to lead, how NOT to lead, team approaches and techniques, appearance standards, and how to act. That’s just one example of the tradition of excellence and dignity of the SCHS band.

If you have questions, please contact one of the directors or board member.


Stay Connected with Remind

An important part of staying informed of daily and weekly announcements is our use of the Remind App.  Remind classes are setup by graduating year.  


Class of 2023:  Text @scband23 to 8010

Class of 2024:  Text @scband24 to 8010

Class of 2025:  Text @scband25 to 8010

Class of 2026:  Text @scband26 to 8010

Class of 2027:  Text @scband27 to 8010

Orchestra Students:  Text @schsorches to 8010


You can also join by going to this website and entering the class code listed above.

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