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Marching Band

Your source for recordings, handout and assignments.

Show Music 

band 1.jpg
band 3.jpg
band 2.jpg

Stand Tunes 

All students will be provided with one copy of their music.  Students will need to print additional copies on their own.  Students are required to have all music at games!

PDF's coming soon! 

Marching Band Warm-up

National Anthem 

Alma Mater

Blasters from the Masters (1 only)

Carry On my Wayward Son

College Football Favorite Time Outs (Day of Wrath only)

Come Together

Hip-hop Hurray (throwdown only)

Hip-Hop Stadium Blaster II


Spruce Creek Stand Tunes Packet (1, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11)

Seven Nation Army

Sweet Child of Mine

Shake it Off


Take on Me



Uptown Funk

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