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All County Jazz Auditions

All county jazz auditions will be held at Spruce Creek High School. We are very excited to welcome you to our campus for auditions. You will find your audition requirements, and materials on this page.

  • Your director will need to sign you up for an audition by September 19th.

  • Your directors have this information to do so.

The Day of Auditions:

  • Students should park in the student parking lot.

  • Check in will be at the Freshmen Atrium.

  • All students must sign in by 6:30pm or they will not be allowed to audition.

  • There will be no schedule. Students will audition as they show up.

  • Warmup will be located in the Cafeteria.

  • Students should warm up for a maximum of 15 minutes and then wait in line at their audition rooms.

  • Wind Auditions will be in the Red Hallway.

  • Drum Set will be in the band room.

  • All other rhythm section auditions will be in the chorus room.


  • Please see your directors for more details.

  • If you have any questions about the materials, please see your director.

Important Dates 


Oct 19th- 4:30-7:00 Spruce Creek High School



Nov 9th 5:00-8:00  @Spruce Creek High School

Nov 14th 5:00-8:00 Peabody (with Clinician)  @Peabody in Daytona

Nov 15th All Day Peabody 9:00-4:00 Concert at 6:00pm @Peabody in Daytona

Audition Requirements & Materials

High School Audition Requirements

Wind Players

  • Prepared Etude  TEMPO IS HALF NOTE= 110

    • Lead trumpet audition is measure 1-16 plus one note 8va.

  • Optional Improvisation 1 chorus (Satin Doll play along track below)​​​​

  • ​Sight Reading

Drum Set

  • Prepared etude TEMPO IS HALF NOTE= 110

  • Rock Etude (Play along ​​track below)

  • 32 Bars of Samba, quarter note= 100

  •  Sight reading

Piano, Bass, Guitar

  • Improvisation 1 Chorus Improv is not optional for rhythm section players (Satin Doll play along track below)

  • Sight reading



Middle School Audition Requirements

Wind Players, Piano, Bass, Guitar

  1. Prepared Etude (first 3 chorus played with the track)

  2. Optional F Blues Improvisation for 2 chorus (play along track below)

    1. (Improv will not hurt your score but could help you.)​

  3. Sight Reading

Drum set

The indicated number of measures in the different styles listed below to demonstrate steady time keeping and Stylistic creativity. They should imagine themselves in a jazz combo situation backing a horn soloist.​​

  1. Prepared Etude  (first 3 chorus played with the track)

  2. Rock Etude (Play along below)

  3. 32 Bars of Samba, quarter note=100

  4. Sight Reading

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