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Weekly Band “Notes” October 22-29, 2023

Monday, October 23

All County Band Contracts & Audition Fees DUE TODAY

Tuesday, October 24

Marching Band Rehearsal 5-8pm (Main Field)

Banquet Planning Meeting 6pm @ Copperline Coffee

Wednesday, October 25

Drumline/Front Ensemble Rehearsal 3-5pm

Thursday, October 26


Marching Band Rehearsal 4-6:30pm (Practice Field)

Friday, October 27

Marching Band Rehearsal 5-8pm (Main Field)

Saturday, October 28

Marching MPA!

***Not all names highlighted correctly in the conversion to this platform. Please see the attached PDF form at the bottom of this blog or on the Remind app. Thank you!***

***Not all names highlighted correctly in the conversion to this platform. Please see the attached PDF form at the bottom of this blog or on the Remind app. Thank you!***

Marching MPA (Saturday, October 28 @ Lake Brantley HS)

Our Marching Music Performance Assessment is officially one week away! Please note that this is an ALL-DAY EVENT as we will have a rehearsal that morning. We are also in need of parent volunteers. Volunteers will receive free admission into MPA. Some volunteers will need to ride the bus, but not all: Marching MPA Volunteer Sign Up

If you are unable to volunteer or you have friends or family that would like to attend MPA, please encourage them to see our students perform! Please note that this is our LAST performance of the show! Tickets will be $10 and can be purchased on TeachTix: be available at the door. Proceeds from ticket sales go towards lowering the assessment fees for ALL band students in Volusia County!

9am-Noon:Marching Band Rehearsal. Students will load the trailer at the conclusion of practice before being dismissed. Students must leave campus at this time as there will not be an adult on campus.

3:45pm:Call Time for students and volunteers! Students should come dressed in their orange band t-shirt, black shorts (must be able to fit under uniform pants), long solid­black socks (mid-calf or higher), black gloves, Dinkles, NO JEWELRY, collar-length, HAIR UP in a bun, braid, or pony-tail.

4:30pm:Depart for Lake Brantley High School

5:45pm:Arrive at Lake Brantley High School. Students will head the to the trailer and unload equipment and then head towards our designated warm up area.

6:45pm:Begin Warm Up

7:15pm: Perform

7:35pm: Performance concludes; students will head to the trailer to pack up equipment & then head the buses.

8:30pm: Depart Lake Brantley High School

9:30pm: Arrive at Spruce Creek High School; students will FIRST unload the trailer before changing out of their uniform. Students are dismissed once they have put away all equipment/uniforms and cleaned the band room.

1. Please complete this form by Monday October 30th, by 3:30pm.

2. Piano scores and checks are due by November 27th.

3. Solo & Ensemble is February 16th and 17th at Hagerty High School

Required Accompanist Rehearsals- January 20th, and February 3rd- All students will be scheduled for two practice sessions with your piano player. These two days are listed above. Any additional practice time outside of these two days are the responsibility of the student to schedule with the piano player and may cost an additional amount.

Cost- Students will need to turn a check in for $50 addressed to their piano player when turning in your score for your music. Student scores will not be accepted if a check is not submitted. Piano player names will be listed in the band room by November 28th.

Solos- All students that are Pre-IB and IB Music must play a solo at Solo and Ensemble. Remember, this is required for ALL Pre-IB Music & IB Music Courses.

9th Grade students- students should play a grade 3 or grade 4. Freshmen students may request to play a grade 5 solo but only with Mr. Martin's approval. Do not fill out a form if your request has not been approved.

Chamber Groups- Please meet and decide who will submit the form for the entire group. Only one form per a chamber group!

Percussion Students- All Percussion students must play a mallet solo and timpani -or- snare solo. Refer to the list passed out in class.

IB Recital- The IB recital will be held on February 9th at 6:30pm in the band room. All Pre-IB students and IB students will attend but only junior and seniors will perform.

Wind Ensemble Chamber groups & Percussion Ensembles that Mrs. Martin has already assigned DO NOT need to complete this form for those entries.

All students will have their photos taken for our large composite photo on November 3rd during class! Order forms will be passed out on Monday, October 30th, but you can pre­order your photos online now!

To purchase photos online, go to & apply the code 111623at check out to waive the $6 shipping fee! If you order by November 3rd, you’ll receive a free photo calendar!

FREE Concert by the US Navy Jazz Commodores!

The Commodores, premiere jazz ensemble of the US Navy, will be in Sanford on November 1st, Holly Hill November 2nd (same night as Field Night), and November 3rd in Palm Coast. This is a FREE concert! Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

For more information, including specific location, please visit this website:

October 22-29, 2023
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