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Weekly Band "Notes" December 3-9, 2023

Because this is such a large undertaking, all students in the Spruce Creek High School

Band & Color Guard Program are REQUIRED to help with Luminary Sales, on both

Saturdays and for the entirety of each day (8am-4pm)!

Any student who does not attend the entire day will be charged $100 per day missed-up to $200 total. SAT & ACT testing is not an excused activity & students will still be charged a $100 fee.

Parent involvement is key to the continued success of this fundraiser! Here is how you can help:

1. Sign up to drive! The more drivers we have, the more neighborhoods we can reach;

This means more potential sales! This is where we need the most help as students

cannot drive themselves!

2. Volunteer to take kits into your office or to business partners. Contact Amber

Morgan & Nicole Chapman to pick up your kits.

3. Help us promote this event on social media!

Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser (December 14)

Wind Ensemble Students & Parents: Please read below!

Wind Ensemble Students need to bring in the following donations:

o Flutes: Cookies

o Clarinets: Mini Cupcakes

o Double Reeds, Bass Clarinet, and all Saxes: Brownies

o Trumpets & Horns: 12 Pack of Bottled Water

o Trombones: 12 Pack of Coca Cola

o Baritones & Tubas: 12 Pack of Sprite

o String Bass & Percussion: 12 Pack of Diet Coke

Wind Ensemble students who are not in a jazz band will sign up for a volunteer shift.

Parents who’d like to volunteer can sign up here:

Sign-up sheets for students will be posted on the board next week and parents may sign

up for a shift here through Sign Up Genius:

Last Chance to Purchase Band Pictures!

Our BAND & ORCHESTRA pictures were made on NOVEMBER 3rd. However, it’s not too

late to order photos. They provide our yearly BIG composite that we hang on the wall

every year. The only income the photographers receive is when parents purchase

portraits. Please support this project by purchasing a package. Order picture packages

and photo gifts online, including HS Senior Gifts as WELL! Please

visit, or scan QR Code to order.

December 3-9, 2023
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