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  Instrumental Music “Notes”   May 28-June 6, 2023

Monday, May 29


Tuesday, May 30

Baccalaureate 6pm @ FBC of Daytona

Wednesday, May 31


Drumline Practice 5-7pm

Thursday, June 1

Graduation Band Rehearsal 3:45-5:45pm

Friday, June 2


Saturday, June 3

Graduation 6:15-9:30pm (Ocean Center)

Monday, June 5

Marching Band Rehearsal 6-9pm


Tuesday, June 6th

Program Ads Sales 9am-1pm

Graduation (Saturday, June 3rd @ The Ocean Center)

The trailer will be loaded on Friday during school. Students who do not load their instrument on the trailer will be responsible for bringing their instrument to graduation.

6:15pm: Meet at the Ocean Center; Students should enter in the loading dock near Daytona Lagoon (Parking passes were handed out in class). Students will help to unload the trailer & then set up percussion, chair, & stands.

7:00pm: Pre-ceremony music begins.

7:30pm: Graduation Ceremony begins.

9:00pm: Ceremony Ends; Students will help load the trailer before being dismissed. All instruments should be taken home at this time, including tubas, euphoniums, & bari saxes.

Program Ad Sales Day (Tuesday, June 6th 9am-1pm)

Parents, we need more volunteer drivers! Please see the link below to sign up.

9:00am-Show up!

  • Dress: Band Polo and Khaki shorts, and tennis shoes!

  • Do not forget water and sunscreen! You will be outside for as you are heading from place to place.

9:15am- How to Sale!

  • We will discuss the process for selling ads and give you a premade speech to help!

  • What to record once you have done your sells pitch!

  • Follow up process!

  • Record the name of every business you visit as a group.


  • Out and about with your assigned parent and area.

  • Once you have gone to all the businesses in your assigned area, come back to the school!

  • Be back at school by 12:30pm.


  • Lunch provided for the students and the parent volunteers!


  • Please be picked up by 1:30pm!

Sports Physicals

In your Kick Off paperwork, you received an FHSAA Sports Physical packet that is due July 25th (first day of band camp). This form MUST be completed by a physician!

Sports Physicals are only good for one year. If you played a sport and completed a physical after November of 2022 at Spruce Creek High School, please email your coach for a copy of the form and turn that form into Mrs. Martin by July 25th. Students who played a sport in middle school will need to have a new physical completed.

All sports physicals will be kept in the band room office so if you plan to play a sport at Spruce Creek HS for the 2023-2024 school year, you can use the form on file in the band room- NO NEED TO COMPLETE ANOTHER ONE!

Please make sure this is completed so that we can ensure all of our students are healthy and ready to participate in marching band!

Summer Band/Color Guard/Orchestra Camps

Now is the time to start thinking about summer music camps! Many of the best camps in Florida have already opened and fill up quickly! Not only are summer music camps an opportunity to grow as a musician, but they also provide students the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy a part of their summer away from home.

Please see Mr. or Mrs. Martin for advice on what camps you should check out this summer!

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