School of the Performing Arts at Spruce Creek High School

Class Requirements
"Now What?"
Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide high quality performing opportunities and instruction for students that are gifted in the Performing Arts. It is our vision that students will benefit from the outstanding academic foundation at Spruce Creek High School to prepare them in higher education and future careers in the performing arts.


Joining the School of Performing Arts at Spruce Creek High School will create a vastly beneficial educational opportunity for students that are gifted in the performing arts in Volusia County. The arts are a vital part of the Port Orange and Volusia County that enrich our schools and communities. Our goal is to make Spruce Creek High School one of the nation’s premier schools in the performing arts.


Objective and Goals

  • To promote an environment for all students to experience the arts to enrich their education through co-curricular and collaborative efforts.

  • To promote and sustain the high academic achievement at Spruce Creek High School.

  • To provide students opportunities to earn industry certifications.

  • To build a collaborative performing arts community at Spruce Creek High School and the Port Orange Community.

  • To provide students with the opportunities to receive specialized tutoring and mentoring from professionals in their field of study.


The School of the Performing Arts at Spruce Creek High School offers a four-year, full academic curriculum, which includes honors, dual enrollment, advanced placement, and International Baccalaureate courses. The advanced intensive arts curriculum includes dance, vocal, band, orchestra, jazz, piano, and theatre (including performance, technical, and musical theatre). A minimum of 8 courses in the student's performing arts major is required. It is suggested that students take 12 courses to fully immerse themselves in the performing arts curriculum.

Entrance Requirements

  • A completed Audition and acceptance to the school of the Performing Arts at Spruce Creek High School.  Auditions for the SotPA are for all students that would like advanced intensive arts curriculum but live outside of the Spruce Creek high School zone.

  • Students that are zoned for Spruce Creek High School do not need to apply for the SotPA and will automatically be in the regular band program and may choose to enroll in the program by filling out a separate form.  Contact Mr. Martin directly for this form.  

  • Students must minimally be at an intermediate skill level.

  • Must have completed and submitted the online audition application form.

  • Two recommendations are required. Print two Recommendation forms from website and give them to instructors(s) familiar with your art’s progress. Recommendations should be e-mailed to before the audition.

  • A copy of the student’s most recent report card must be submitted. A 2.0 Grade Point Average is required. Florida law requires a minimum 2.0 grade point average for participation in state performances, which includes All-State, State Thespians, and other school-related activities.

School Choice Process

For your child to audition for School of the Performing Arts at Spruce Creek High School, the above steps must be completed. After acceptance into the program, students and parents must apply for school choice through the county Vportal to attend Spruce Creek High School.  Students will not be automatically placed at Spruce Creek High School if they are not zoned for Spruce Creek!  If you are currently zoned for Spruce Creek, you do not need to complete an application.